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Why Retailers Need to Use Promotional Items

Retailers may seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to promotional items. After all, they are in the business to sell products and not give them away. In reality, they are in the best position possible to make the most out of their promotions. They have a steady stream of customers entering their location to make a purchase and a free gift is a great way to encourage an unplanned or additional purchase.

Building Brand Awareness

Many promotional items are used just to get a company name out into the public. A retailer should use their free items as a way to build a better awareness of what they sell. A buy-one-get-one offer is a great way to encourage someone to come in and shop but that only targets people seeking to buy a specific item. Another option is handing out a free sample of a perfume, a food sample or a booklet of fabric samples that allows people to see exactly what a purchase will gain them.

Encouraging More Traffic

Another reason promotional offers for retail store marketing is useful is the increase in the attention it brings to the business. This is true for online retailers and brick and mortar shops. Insisting people visit the website or pick up their samples in-person automatically encourages them to stop and browse. Not everyone will purchase but the offer improves visibility and will be alluring to a percentage of the freebie seekers who will eventually purchase either immediately or after testing out the sample they receive.

Attracting New Attention

All promotional products should be designed to impress the recipient as well as to entice others that see the item to find out more about the company. Retailers that offer items that are promos of what they sell encourage people that might never have visited the business. It is a way to increase traffic again, long after the initial promotion ends.

Promotional items should not only be seen as a way to gain new customers. They are a wonderful way to remind previous customers of the company and a way to reward loyal shoppers and let them know that their business is valued. By choosing items that reflect the quality and standards of the business it is a branding opportunity that will be a vital part of any marketing campaign.